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WEMPE, Instruments, Clocks, Barometers and more

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The time on board comes from WEMPE !

Ever since the Wempe Chronometerwerke were founded in 1905, the WEMPE watchmakers have dedicated themselves to precision and have  evoted their efforts to the production of mechanical ship’s chronometers, as well as to the manufacture of other precise time-measuring instruments. This historically inspired product range has been cultivated and broadened over the years. Noblesse oblige, and so does tradition. That is why you will find a wide selection of unexcelled maritime instruments, for example, mechanical or quartz-guided ship’s bell clocks, ship’s clocks, barometers, barographs and thermometers/hygrometers. These WEMPE instruments and objects for aficionados are convincing thanks to their fascinating details and timeless design. These unusual and exclusive eyecatchers add special charm to every room, irregardless of whether it is aboard a boat, at home or in one’s office.



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